Tuesday, July 8, 2008

truck stop romancing

they stroll across the hot concrete parking lot -
dodging empty bags of funyons and pancaked pepsi cans -
they're holding hands
in hats
his big ol' beard and her long black braided ponytail
jean shorts and jean shorts
they stop at his deep red big rig
he opens the door with a fuzzy arm
and they pause -
a passionate kiss amid other semis smoking out smoke and sweating tar -
lumbering around the parking lot - lurching and laying it out,
the kiss breaks so she starts up the stairs - he watches her legs -
she gets comfy in the high chair and he stands down below admiring her like a prize horse -
of course he's the one on the floor -
so he closes the door on his high fashion queen -
walks around on top of it all and climbs into the silver chariot's driver seat
and off they go towards passion, adventure, and danger.